Flowers were not an important thing for us so this was one of the last things we organised. We knew since the beginning that we wanted to have jam jars on the table with flowers in them, for a more relaxed and summery feeling, and we also wanted to make sure that it looked as if someone had just gone round on a meadow and picked them.

R booked in three different florists on a Saturday when we were in the area so we had a bit of a chat and a look at millions different flowers. Luckily, I had brought in a couple of photos of what type of flowers and bouquets I liked the look of and by the time we went to the third florist, I knew a lot better what I wanted.
Both R and I are both very much against the idea of having something just for the sake of it so when some of the florists told us that we wouldn’t have a great wedding unless the flowers were right, we both decided silently that they were definitely not for us. In the end, we went with the florist who were half the price of the two others and who realised that us getting married was the main thing – not the flowers.

Laura who helped us, put together a couple of mock bouquets to show me how big they would be (it’s so hard to imagine how it will all look) and she was just amazing. In the end, she sent us more flowers than what we paid for as they had many roses that they weren’t able to sell due to them being slightly damaged. Arranging different sizes and colours of flowers in the jam jars which we had decorated with silk ribbons worked very well and made the tables look less empty. A tip if you have plans of something similar – make the flowers quite short as you want people to be able to see each other across the table! (We had a couple of tables where they simply put the tall flowers on the floor for easier conversations.)

These past six months have been busy with planning a wedding. We had the attitude that as long as we had the major things sorted out, everything else would fall in to place and we wouldn’t have to be stressed the weeks up until the wedding.
Of course, many things changed our plans throughout the way – R went away to Boston for work a couple of weeks before the big day which meant that the 10 days leading up to it were filled with list upon lists to complete.

My plan was to blog the process of the wedding fairly regularly, kind of like a journal, in order for me to look back at it and see how it all went but also as a bit of a help for our other friends who are now in the process of going down the same route. As that plan just flew out the window – I thought I’d just do it retrospectively instead!

As our official wedding photos are on the way in, I can also post some pictures of our wedding to go with the blog post – exciting stuff!

Things have been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to do my blogging!

I had a long period when I was applying for jobs, going to interviews and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. This question has of course not yet been answered, but I think I am a bit on the way! I’ve now been in my job for over two months and it has been hectic, learning, remembering and getting to know people.

On top of this is the wedding planning. Me and R thought that if only we knew what we wanted and did things methodically, it would be fine and we wouldn’t need to stress. Of course, a lot harder than we thought!
As we are so busy with planning the wedding, it would feel strange if I wouldn’t blog about it, so I will try to start updating the blog with everything we get up to as there is a lot of baking, sewing and flower arrangements to be done – just what this blog is all about!

Every day, I’m getting closer to getting a wedding dress. Monday, I’m going with my seamstress to look at two fabrics in shepherds bush, hopefully I will also be able to make a decision. If all goes well, I’ll have a finished dress by the end of April and then we can start looking at what Rich wants.

Love the elegance and poise of Audrey Hepburn and her dress. I’m having something similar, but yet something slightly bit more “me”. Can’t wait!

Our wedding website is now up and I keep finding more and more things to put on our todo list. Exciting!

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