Just look at those colours - and the light!

As I have lived in London for over seven years now, I feel I am out of touch with most subjects relating to Sweden. I feel Swedish in so many ways, but yet know so little of life there. As my sister pointed out, it is because I lived in London during my “critical years”, from the age of 20 and much has changed since then.
About a third of the blogs I read come are Swedish, a way to keep up the Swedish but also to keep a jour with important topics (especially election) as I feel many of the Swedish newspapers mostly just gossip.

Many of the blogs are interesting to read because of the fashion or the “Swedishness “ of the people writing them and one blog I love more than the others is the one of UnderbaraClara. She lives up north in Sweden, away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and writes about life, baking and everything in between. I absolutely adore her (and her husband’s) “new” kitchen and wish that one day I will be able to get a more “Swedishy” kitchen. One of these days…

A shelf like this would be perfect for all my cookbooks!

You’ll find more pictures of their amazing kitchen here

Afternoon tea at The Cavendish

What a delight – my sister will finally come over and visit again! She has had a baby since her last visit and this is the first time since she has spent any longer than two days away from my lovely little nephew. I have made a busy schedule with shopping and showing her all kinds of things she has missed in the past three years (since she was last here) – hopefully we’ll also have time to just relax with afternoon tea!

My sister turned ten not too long ago, but as we don’t live in the same country, I decided to wait with a gift until I’m back to visit. The time has come and I’ve decided that I want to sew something personal and lovely – so a make up bag it is!
I know she’s yet too young for make up but the bag I have in mind is very versatile and can be used as a pen case, smaller bag or a big purse.

My sister has a lovely red hair colour so I think green would look wicked with it! This lovely fabric I bought in the amazing fabric shop in Stockholm last year (Tygfabriken) is what I’ll be using along with the small frog.