January has been busy with our birthdays (mine & my husbands birthday are 1 day apart) and a big event with our non-profit Maker group. We have been going at full speed and it’s not until this week that we’re trying to catch up on lost sleep.

This is what has been going on in January (with the help of my instagram)

Many birthday cakes were made! The husband wanted something with lemon/raspberry/white chocolate flavour so I obliged and made him a Paleo Lemon poke cake from Beauty and the Foodie but replaced the blueberries with raspberries.
Icing was harder than I thought (getting coconut oil not to float to the top before drizzling on, hmm) but turned out great.

For myself, I wanted a small cake with many layers I could place in my birthday present from my husband. Chocolate could work as I had some leftover raspberries I wanted to use and so I found the recipe for Paleo Chocolate Cake from Super Glue Mum. I made this cake in two small round tins which fit in my new cake dome and turned it in to a four layered cake.
The cake was tasty, but very moist. So moist that it was a bit hard to cut the layers.
I realised I had some cream cheese left from a couple of days earlier (never really happens), so I made a cream cheese frosting with some honey, vanilla extract, butter and cream cheese that I spread on each layer along with some smashed up raspberries.
All in all, a great cake – but once I assembled all the layers the glass dome didn’t fit!

The plate in the foreground was some amazing chocolate chip truffles a friend of ours gave us during our birthday celebrations. We also had some left over trifle that our other friends had made for us but we forgot to put at the table when I took this snap.

Royal pillows!
I tried to finish many of my projects I’ve been thinking about for a while and these small pillows was a gift from a dear friend back in the UK. They just instantly brighten up our apartment!

One of our great presents were a cast iron pan from my sister. I had been looking at different frying pans for a while and considered getting an ordinary Lodge pan for birthday money received. Imagine my surprise (& confusion) when this one arrived in the post!

My sister knows me too well!

There was a chocolate festival in Harvard Square and oh boy did we get a lot of free chocolate things!
It was all amazing and delicious and the four of us were so pleasantly surprised. And then I was all chocolated out. One of the mini tub of ice cream is still in the freezer…

Our big event was scary, exciting and a lot of fun! We have a maker space for people in Cambridge and this was our first big event with speakers. We had a sponsor who arranged some amazing food and all in all it was a great experience.
This ring, I 3d printed, painted with one of my favourite nail polishes and glued on to a ring I bought cheaply from Michael’s. And then I completely forgot about wearing it…

Being so busy over Christmas, new year and January, I have completely forgotten about my knitting projects. This cardigan, I started with last year and didn’t have the urge to finish it until one my friends completed hers in three days. Almost there!
One of my promises to myself this year is to emphasize more on finishing my projects rather than creating so many I get overwhelmed.  I have my many lists of projects to do, but will not start a new one before I have finished something properly.


So, January – jam-packed! I’m sure February will be even more amazing!

All colours were so beautiful but the blue, purple and pink look so great together!

This year I embraced Thanksgiving as it’s our first year here in the US. This meant making a very large turkey whilst some of our friends came over for lots and lots of food. This also meant that I bought yarn in the sales!

I really dislike walking around shops, especially when there are lots of other people around, so I saw the sale on knitpicks.com’s website and made a bargain online instead!
I have been browsing their different yarn lines online for a couple of months and was very happy when I noticed that they had sale on normal supplies and especially the yarn I’ve been thinking about for a while. All of a sudden, I had added so much yarn to my basket and couldn’t for the life of me decide which one I didn’t want. So I bought it all.

All the yarn that arrived had amazingly beautiful colours and was incredibly soft – now I just have to think about which project to start first!

As I struggled with the sleeves

My mother and grandmother taught me how to knit as a child but I never have the patience for it. I liked sewing as it gave me quick results and I could easily make something in one day.
Until I moved to Boston, I had only ever knitted squares which I had put together to make simple pouches.

Now that I’m in Boston, I have joined many different groups and one of them is a knitting group! After the first meeting, I was so psyched by everyone else’s projects that I went and bought a lot of yarn along with a great pattern book – Vintage Knits for Modern Babies (Hadley Fierlinger). The patterns are marked with the level of the projects and so far, I have managed to make a bonnet and matching mittens, which I will post photos of later on.

The next project is one that my sister started and gave on to me. In a way, it was good that she just handed it over to me and told me how to continue until she could send me the pattern. If  I had seen the description from the beginning, I think I would have been too terrified to even try it.
It has been hard work and I have undone a couple of things on it – one sleeve became large and mushroom-looking whilst the body looked way too long for a small baby.

The only work I have left on this cardigan is a button cord on both sides of the opening and then I will be able to wash & block it before sewing on some buttons (I have some colourful ones in mind).

I sure have learned a lot when knitting this cardigan and this is how it looks so far!