Stripy stripy!

Let me tell you something, I love all things stripy. I barely go in to Pinterest nowadays because I can get stuck there for hours just going through stripey (layered) baked goods of so many different kinds. My husband is the same, but he’s mostly drawn to stripy tops (I do love those as well!). That is, however, a completely different story.

During the worst heatwave here in Boston, I didn’t really have the strength for turning on the stove or oven to cook lunch so mostly just blended together thick smoothies that tidied me over until the heat had somewhat subsided. I saw the many colourful jello packages in the food store and thought that I could make something more healthy that would be a cooling treat.

I decided to make it stripey and so had a look in the fridge to see what we had that I could make juice/jelly out of. Out came blueberries, a left over green smoothie and some watermelon.
I mixed the watermelon with some coconut water, same with the blueberries and added some water to the green smoothie to thin it all out. I then followed the recipe on the back of the gelatin packet and left 2/3 of the liquid of each layer cold whereas the 1/3 of each liquid was heated up so that the gelatin would melt in to it. I proceeded to mix the gelatin mixture with the cold liquid and poured it in to a Pyrex pan. The pan was quite deep and as I was concerned that I would never be able to get it all out, I layered it with some cling film beforehand.

I did the layers separate so that they would have a chance to firm up a bit in between (didn’t want them to mix as I poured it in) and just added them as I went along.

The next day when I lifted out the cling film, it was easy to cut the jelly in to bite size pieces that were wonderfully stripy. I will definitively do this again as it was incredibly yummy!


Trifle is something i’ve always thought of as a typical English dessert and had never tried until about two years ago. I never really got the whole idea of it (jelly with custard AND cream?) but was interested to see what the weird combination would taste like. Unfortunately, it was not until I had actually made the sponge and jelly with fruit that I realised that it would take quite some time for it all to set and that I would not be able to enjoy the treat that evening.

Luckly, it was still very enjoyable the following day and every day that week.

Now, I try to experiment with ingredients everytime I make it and it just get better every time!