I’ve been feeling poorly now for the past week and this weekend was particularly bad – I ended up laying in bed most of Saturday. Bleugh.

Today I woke up early (I started sneezing) but went back to bed with my Food Network magazines after breakfast to go through the last ones. Our apartment is also good at keeping cool (great in the summer) but when it’s warm outside, the heating is turned off which makes it feel colder in the house. Snuggling up underneath the duvet for a while made me feel slightly better.

After tearing out some interesting pages of recipes, I found one for banana pancakes which sounded very good for a quick snack. I mashed up one ripe banana, mixed it thoroughly with 1 tbs of smooth peanut butter before whisking it together with an egg. I then grated up some nutmeg and added to the batter, together with some ground cinnamon. The pancakes ended up with a slight sweetness and a hint of banana. I’m sure my husband (who hates peanut butter) would be able to taste the peanut butter, but I couldn’t really tell.

I think they would be great with some berries and some greek yoghurt – but unfortunately we don’t have that much in the fridge today. My two missions for the day is for one load of washing to be done as well as going for a walk to the grocery store. I’m mustering up the strength now for the walk with some pancakes!


It’s been a while since my last update but I’ve been ill back and forth, making it tricky to get anything done. The days when I’ve felt better lists have been written and ticked off bit by bit. I’ve also applied for jobs and contacted job agency after job agency and have a few meetings with some of them (yay!).
The days when I’ve felt worse, I’ve tried to keep myself motivated but mostly just ended up sitting in front of the tv with a dvd from our monthly rental service.

I also have several projects in the pipeline, some which I’m so excited about that I cannot go to sleep at night¬†whilst others I know would be so rewarding finishing but somehow I cannot ¬†make myself motivated enough.