Things have been hectic lately for so many reasons. Two people have moved out of our house which meant we had to look for two more lovely individuals whom we’d consider living with.

R got a new project which meant that he had to fly to Boston to start it up. Exciting, but things got a bit stressed as we were moving in to our old room in the house (which has the en-suite – luxury!) and this was during the week I had laser surgery on my eyes!

Although my eyes still can’t shoot lasers *peew peew* I hope it will get going next week…

Me and R went to Ikea whilst moving our stuff from the old room to the new (old) room. We bought tons of nice storage boxes as we lost a chest of drawer to the old room and R needs somewhere to keep all his photography stuff.

We also bought this lovely lamp as the nasty yellowing rice shade in the ceiling was was torn in to pieces and barely counted as a shade anymore. We found it in the children’s section and I fell in love immediately.

The other week, me and R went to Ikea (as usual) and in the midst of the people and items, I fell in love. I’m sure R didn’t mind as the item I fell in love with was a tray. A white, metal, lovely, tray.

It reminded me of one of the (two) trays we had in the house whilst growing up. It was red metal and had a small heart shaped pattern cut out all around the edge. During birthdays and name-days*, the tray was brought out with a small linen cloth that our mother had embroidered a ring of flowers on. Inside the ring, the breakfast plate or bowl was placed and on birthdays, a candle was lit and placed next to it. As my birthday is in January when it’s very very dark in the mornings, this always made it feel so special.
Hopefully, this tray will help us create our own tradition and will mean that I will get breakfast in bed more often!

However, as we don’t have that much space for this tray in the kitchen at the moment, I decided to turn it in to a temporary idea board, with ideas and help from the lovely UnderbaraClara. I hung it up on the wall with the help of a white silk ribbon I had laying around and will mostly use it for our wedding ideas.

It looks so great against our old chest of drawers!

*Every day of the Latin calendar (with an exceptions of a handful of days) has a female and male name, originating from saints or martyrs. Many families celebrate the day of your specific names. I have two name days, one in Feb and one in Dec 🙂 If you’re curious, read more on Wikipedia