I know it doesn’t look that appetising, but lunch today was great! (These are the leftovers by the way…)

I just chopped up an onion, some garlic, oyster mushrooms/button mushrooms,  chicken breast and fried it all up in a pan.  After a while, I added some cream, ground pepper and a dash of soya sauce and let it simmer whilst I washed and sliced a courgette in thin slices with a potato peeler. I added the courgette when I felt the chicken was almost finished and let it all simmer for a while  and ate it as it was. Delicious!

Love the simple throw-in-everything-you-have-in-the-fridge lunches. They always taste the best!

I need to learn how to take appetising photos of my food…

Trifle is something i’ve always thought of as a typical English dessert and had never tried until about two years ago. I never really got the whole idea of it (jelly with custard AND cream?) but was interested to see what the weird combination would taste like. Unfortunately, it was not until I had actually made the sponge and jelly with fruit that I realised that it would take quite some time for it all to set and that I would not be able to enjoy the treat that evening.

Luckly, it was still very enjoyable the following day and every day that week.

Now, I try to experiment with ingredients everytime I make it and it just get better every time!