This weekend, me and R went to Scotland for the first time. Previously, the furthest north I’ve ever been was Kings Lynn in Norfolk, not very north at all.
We went up to meet our friend Rach whom we haven’t seen in quite a while. She’s lived in Edinburgh for over two years but we haven’t had time to visit as I’ve had tons of things to do with university and R with work.
When I finished all of my assignments in may, we decided it was time to do all the things we now have time for and started looking for cheap train tickets. Luckily, R found tickets for £18 each for this weekend and we booked it quickly before they were all snatched up.

The weekend was supposed to rain, according to the internet, but amazingly we never got rained on once.(At one print, it did rain but we were inside, enjoying food and a Futurama film)

So, what did we see during our Scottish weekend? Well, we walked to the castle, walked around town, ate lots of nice food, went to the cinema (inception – quite interesting!) and just enjoyed being away from the hustle and bustle of London. And of course, spent a whole weekend with Rach, whom we haven’t seen since our birthdays in January!

I must say I really enjoyed Scotland and wouldn’t mind going back some time!

Yesterday, me and R went to the cinema as a small celebration of me handing in my last essays. The original plan was to go and see Avatar as we seem to be the last few who have not seen it. We’ve got orange broadband at home which entitels us to a 2 for 1 cinema deal on wednesdays and was planning on using this on the 3d Avatar. Sneakingly enough – the offer does not extend to 3d so we had to make a choice of seeing it in 2d for £6 each or in 3d for £15 each. Tough choice. Luckely, R found an offer online for £1 cinema offer (includes 3d) which will be valid for next week – ending up with us deciding to go and see A single man instead.

The movie was sad, beautiful and completely wonderful which made me even more happy that we decided against expensive Avatar.

Now, I just want to start filming with our cini-cameras and pretend i’m a gorgeous girl in the past.