As the season is upon us here in the US when everything is pumpkin flavoured or coloured, I thought I would try something new. I made pumpkin spiced donuts with chocolate and bacon frosting!

Going through several blogs to get some ideas, I immediately got stuck on Danielle’s (Against All Grain) amazingly looking ones that are not only grain free, but also paleo.

The full recipe can be found here on her website.

I’m quite bad at following recipes as usually I tend to not have all the ingredients at home, so at this instance I substituted coconut milk with normal full fat and only made the chocolate glaze as I was lacking the cocoa butter. The result were moist and fluffy donuts, as it usually is when coconut flour is involved, with quite a heavy chocolate glazing. So heavy in fact that I thought that the strong chocolate flavour took away from the tastyness of spiced pumpkin. Next time I will definitely try the maple glazing as I think that will go better with the bacon.
I also made two different sizes but next time I will only make the mini ones as they are a perfect  nugget of goodness. Then you can also have a couple without feeling too full!

As you might have noticed I put some of the donuts in the fridge before taking photos which in my eyes didn’t make them as pretty as the shiny non-set ones. However, I can attest that they both taste pretty amazing tho!

I was pretty tasty too!

* I’ve decided to call them donuts instead of doughnuts as it was a thin batter and not dough. Just my personal preference!

I know it’s going to be a hard day when this is the first thing I see a link to when logging in to my emails. I have had breakfast but not sure I should start thinking of peanut butter & chocolate this early in the morning!

Go over to Katie’s great blog (Chocolate covered Katie) for the recipe!

Right – now I’ll unpack the rest of the office whilst trying to keep my mind of these beauties…

This week, we’re off to Bestival(music festival) on Isle of Wight and as I do not eat bread (gluten/wheat intolerance) breakfasts can be a bit tricky. Usually, I make scrambled eggs or yoghurt , fruit and home made granola, but despite going in the wonderful Doris we will not have any electricity, thus making it slightly tricky to keep certain things cool. I’m also quite lazy in the mornings and breakfast bars is easier than making scrambled eggs….

As I searched the web for recipes on protein/oat bars, I came across a fitness website that had several. Most of them used protein powders as a main ingredient, but as didn’t have any at home (I rarely do) I used one of the recipes as a base and changed it according to what I wanted and what we had at home.

Oat, nut and apple Protein Bars: 24 bars


I made my own “apple sauce” by combining an apple, approx 100g of soft dried dates, ten soft dried apricots in a blender. Usually, I add in a dash of apple juice (not from concentrate) or other juice I have at home in order for it to become a smooth liquid, but today I only had milk, hence using it instead.

I combined all the dry ingredients in one bowl and all the wet ingredients in one. As I love cinnamon and think it’s a great combination with the apple, I put in lots and lots.

Combine all the ingredients in to a thick paste and spread it evenly in a oiled or silicon sheeted A4 pan. Originally, the recipe called for a 9×9” pan, but it turned out to be quite a lot of batter so I had to move it in to a bigger one. I like my bars about 2cm thick, but it the size of the pan all depends on what you prefer. If you bake them in a smaller pan, there will be fewer but thicker bars, make sure you keep them in a bit longer though if you like them thick.

Let cool on a rack so they wont go soggy. Cut in to bars and keep them in the fridge , they’re also good to freeze, if you get any left over…

Oat and chocolate Bars: 24 bars


This recipe is a mix of the above recipe combined with another favourite recipe. I started by wizzing the shredded coconut and cocoa for a couple of minutes before transferring to a large bowl. I like my chocolate dark but unfortunately, we only had a third of a cup left of cocoa powder. If we had more I would have added ½ cup as I feel the dates can make them quite sweet. I however have  but it all depends on your preference. My fiancée likes milk chocolate so he was very pleased with the lack of cocoa powder.


Just like with the recipe above, I put all the ingredients for the apple sauce in the blender until it went all smooth and creamy. I also had a small portion of non sweetened cinnamon apple sauce that I added. I mixed the apple sauce with the eggs and all the liquids in a large bowl and added the dry ingredients in the bowl with the cocoa/coconut mix. Combine the two bowls in to one and put in a oiled or silicon sheeted A4 pan and bake in oven at 175 degrees for about 35 min. These bars will become stickier and moister than the previous ones due to the dates. If you want them drier, dry them out in the oven by slicing them in to the right sizes in the pan and put them back in the oven for another 10 min.