Spring is not yet here in Boston, we still have minus degrees at night with snow on the side of the roads. However, this doesn’t mean that we haven’t had any glimts of spring here and there. About a week ago, we had a warm day where I had to take off my jacket when biking. I lived on that for days!

Anyway – as I know that spring is on the way, I have started thinking about an upgrade on my bike. That, and the fact that both my tires are so old that they need to be replaced. And that my brakes don’t really work in wet conditions. I found that out the hard and scary way.
As my first tire blew, I borrowed a friends bike and realised how amazing his bike was and how dangerous mine really was. It’s incredible how you get used to things. Dangerous and wobbly things…

So, I have now started to think about what I want in a bike and I think I might try going for a cheaper bike. A comfortable bike where I can add a basket on the front and one that has a parcel shelf on the back. Oh how I sometimes miss European ‘lady bikes’.

So, I’ve had a look around at other people’s bikes and online and I think a Schwinn or Huffy cruiser or hybrid might be the best option for me. I’ve been to some big chains around Boston but they have yet not arrived in stores yet. I could just order something online and hope for the best, but I like being able to see and feel it beforehand. So perhaps renting a car for a day and drive out to the bigger chains outside might be in order.

I think the only question now is – what colour do I want?

Cream Schwinn

Light blue Huffy

Turquoise Schwinn

Light blue hybrid Schwinn

Purple/white Schwinn

Green schwinn



Are you sensing a theme yet?

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