As I struggled with the sleeves

My mother and grandmother taught me how to knit as a child but I never have the patience for it. I liked sewing as it gave me quick results and I could easily make something in one day.
Until I moved to Boston, I had only ever knitted squares which I had put together to make simple pouches.

Now that I’m in Boston, I have joined many different groups and one of them is a knitting group! After the first meeting, I was so psyched by everyone else’s projects that I went and bought a lot of yarn along with a great pattern book – Vintage Knits for Modern Babies (Hadley Fierlinger). The patterns are marked with the level of the projects and so far, I have managed to make a bonnet and matching mittens, which I will post photos of later on.

The next project is one that my sister started and gave on to me. In a way, it was good that she just handed it over to me and told me how to continue until she could send me the pattern. If  I had seen the description from the beginning, I think I would have been too terrified to even try it.
It has been hard work and I have undone a couple of things on it – one sleeve became large and mushroom-looking whilst the body looked way too long for a small baby.

The only work I have left on this cardigan is a button cord on both sides of the opening and then I will be able to wash & block it before sewing on some buttons (I have some colourful ones in mind).

I sure have learned a lot when knitting this cardigan and this is how it looks so far!


For the past week and a bit, we have had a visitor in the shape of my mother-in-law. It has been great to see her again but it has also been exhausting as I have been walking around most of Boston with her to see what the town has to offer.
We have had many great days with sunshine and warmth and only one day of rain. This is how beautiful Boston is in the sun!

I’ve just unpacked all of my shoes and found my favourite ones – my skulls sandals! They also look extra great with our dining room rug.