This weekend we went down to Maine to camp with several of our friends. Our plan this summer is to camp in every state in New England and it is going great so far.

First time I had a lobster roll (second time ever I had lobster) and it was quite good. The campsite was just by the water and we had quite a walk as the tide was low. ┬áIt was a strange feeling not to be cold in the evening (England – I’m looking at you) but we absolutely loved it!

I know it’s going to be a hard day when this is the first thing I see a link to when logging in to my emails. I have had breakfast but not sure I should start thinking of peanut butter & chocolate this early in the morning!

Go over to Katie’s great blog (Chocolate covered Katie) for the recipe!

Right – now I’ll unpack the rest of the office whilst trying to keep my mind of these beauties…