Leaving London

I was born and raised in Sweden but moved to London before I started university. I was bored of my town, didn’t really want to continue my studies but wanted to see the world.

London was an easy choice – it is considered the fourth biggest city in Sweden as so many Swedes go over at least for one period of their lives. It was also very quick (two hours by flight) and cheap (you could find flights for 200sek/£20/$30 return) which appealed to my money-saving lifestyle.

Years went by, I was still in London, having moved in with a Brit I quite liked and started to exploring life with him. I did University in London, went through many different lifestyles and saw many of my friends move back to their countries. I started to consider if I had seen enough of London and if there was another life somewhere else that might be waiting for me.
When I first moved to London, I also had thoughts about one day trying out living in the US, perhaps NY. Five years in to London, I thought about that options again, but having a boyfriend I lived with and was very happy with – I pushed that thought out of my head.

Fast forward another five years and things have gone in a completely new direction. Two years ago, I married my awesome Brit, we bought a small place for the two of us in the south of London and started settling down in a life for the two of us. Things then kicked off with the company he started and we found ourselves with a serious option of moving to Boston in the US. A part of us were excited whereas another part just wanted to hang pictures on the walls and feel that it was our home.

After a lot of discussion, we decided that we would try out an American lifestyle and see where it took us.

We have now lived a month in Boston and we learn new things every day.