These past six months have been busy with planning a wedding. We had the attitude that as long as we had the major things sorted out, everything else would fall in to place and we wouldn’t have to be stressed the weeks up until the wedding.
Of course, many things changed our plans throughout the way – R went away to Boston for work a couple of weeks before the big day which meant that the 10 days leading up to it were filled with list upon lists to complete.

My plan was to blog the process of the wedding fairly regularly, kind of like a journal, in order for me to look back at it and see how it all went but also as a bit of a help for our other friends who are now in the process of going down the same route. As that plan just flew out the window – I thought I’d just do it retrospectively instead!

As our official wedding photos are on the way in, I can also post some pictures of our wedding to go with the blog post – exciting stuff!