A while ago we bought a mixed bag with bulbs for asiatic lillies which was left on the book shelf in the living room and forgotten about. A week ago I found it and realised when reading the instructions that they should be planted in June by the latest and that June is not far away.
Yesterday I had a small walk in our garden whilst inspecting what is flowering and what is dead and felt I had to plant the lillies as it was still on my mind. I pushed down three of the bulbs just next to our banana plant and now I can’t wait to see if anything will happen.

We’ve got two lillies by the raspberry plants which comes up almost every year, if the snails don’t eat them first, and they look great. Now I just have to figure out where I can plant the remaining six bulbs. Maybe they would survive in the front garden?


My sister turned ten not too long ago, but as we don’t live in the same country, I decided to wait with a gift until I’m back to visit. The time has come and I’ve decided that I want to sew something personal and lovely – so a make up bag it is!
I know she’s yet too young for make up but the bag I have in mind is very versatile and can be used as a pen case, smaller bag or a big purse.

My sister has a lovely red hair colour so I think green would look wicked with it! This lovely fabric I bought in the amazing fabric shop in Stockholm last year (Tygfabriken) is what I’ll be using along with the small frog.

Trifle is something i’ve always thought of as a typical English dessert and had never tried until about two years ago. I never really got the whole idea of it (jelly with custard AND cream?) but was interested to see what the weird combination would taste like. Unfortunately, it was not until I had actually made the sponge and jelly with fruit that I realised that it would take quite some time for it all to set and that I would not be able to enjoy the treat that evening.

Luckly, it was still very enjoyable the following day and every day that week.

Now, I try to experiment with ingredients everytime I make it and it just get better every time!