Yesterday, me and R went to the cinema as a small celebration of me handing in my last essays. The original plan was to go and see Avatar as we seem to be the last few who have not seen it. We’ve got orange broadband at home which entitels us to a 2 for 1 cinema deal on wednesdays and was planning on using this on the 3d Avatar. Sneakingly enough – the offer does not extend to 3d so we had to make a choice of seeing it in 2d for £6 each or in 3d for £15 each. Tough choice. Luckely, R found an offer online for £1 cinema offer (includes 3d) which will be valid for next week – ending up with us deciding to go and see A single man instead.

The movie was sad, beautiful and completely wonderful which made me even more happy that we decided against expensive Avatar.

Now, I just want to start filming with our cini-cameras and pretend i’m a gorgeous girl in the past.

As I woke up this morning, I decided – today is the first day of the rest of my life. Cliché – I know, but as I’m starting to see the sun more and more each day, life feels easier. Might also be due to me almost finishing my university course. Might be due to a great film I saw last night (a single man) or simply because i’ve now handed in 50% of my essays due before easter. Which ever it is – I’m glad that I’m starting my life today.