When me and R lived in Sweden for five months my then trustworthy windows phone (above on the right) which I wrote everything on, died. I cursed all the previous thoughts that I lost and as my current phone is starting to play up – I fear the same might happen again. This has led me to start looking for a new phone and even started to look at contracts as the choice is between an android or a new windows media phone. Both are very expensive to purchase as a pay-as-you-go and it would make more sense to get one free with extra perks such as free internet or skype (call family cheap-yay!). My issue is though – which one should I choose?

I like the keyboard of the windows media phone, along with being able to write word documents and excel speadsheets. It’s also quite simple to transfer them over to my notebook thus making updating easier.

The android phone, on the other hand, has a good contract with 3 where I would essentially get skype and free internet – but doesn’t have a keyboard. It is connected with google, making it easy to write documents in google and save it all in my gmail account- but that lack of keyboard is making me hesitate… Can I overcome that?