At the moment, I am fixing some of the many items I have laying about in my sewing boxes. Some of these items need a pocket or button sewn back on, there are a couple of bras that need new straps or new plastic adjustments and there are also a few wash bags that needs the last seems before they can be put up on etsy.
These past months, I haven’t looked at my sewing boxes, let alone decided to finish all of these projects, but yesterday – it all changed. I feel if I only finish the smaller projects first – I can start with the bigger ones (like my wedding dress), and the more lists I tick off, the happier I will be. Yesterday, I started by finally sewing on a support strip on one of my vintage looking cardigans. I will complete the hand stitches tonight and then finally, I can go to R’s sister A and borrow her sewing machine which makes wonderful button holes. All by itself.
Of course, I have a machine as well, but mine is old which means I have to do most of the job myself. I’m more than capable. But combining a visit to A with making my cardigan nice again is something I’d be more than happy to do!

Today I’ve been productive and have had many ideas in my head that I’m trying to sort out.

This morning, I went to the closest fabric shop in order to get some ideas for my wedding dress. I know pretty much the style I want and I have a pattern that I’m going to try to modify but the hardest thing is finding a good fabric. I don’t want a typical wedding dress fabric (satin/silk/duchesse) but am thinking of cotton sateen or some other kind of cotton.
Not only because it might be too hot with layers of thick satin, but also because I think it would be easier, cheaper and simpler with cotton. My issue now is that I would like to have a fabric with either a structure (maybe dots) or a small print (maybe rosebuds) but am not sure where to find a fabric like this. Will have a look in town tomorrow when I go in (have a meeting with a recruitment agency and meeting up with a friend I haven’t seen in a while), maybe John Lewis or any other big department store would have a nice fabric…
So, today when I went in to the fabric store, I was thinking of buying a cheap cotton fabric to create the toile, but the cheapest one was only £1 cheaper (per meter) than a pink cupcake that I ended up buying. The idea is to create the dress in the cupcake fabric, make sure it fits me and then take the dress apart, draw the pattern from it and use that to sew my wedding dress. Ideally, by that time, I’ve have found a fabric and someone who can sew up my dress from the pattern. At least I’ve got a couple of months to find someone or I’ll just have to start sewing it myself, bit by bit…

My sister turned ten not too long ago, but as we don’t live in the same country, I decided to wait with a gift until I’m back to visit. The time has come and I’ve decided that I want to sew something personal and lovely – so a make up bag it is!
I know she’s yet too young for make up but the bag I have in mind is very versatile and can be used as a pen case, smaller bag or a big purse.

My sister has a lovely red hair colour so I think green would look wicked with it! This lovely fabric I bought in the amazing fabric shop in Stockholm last year (Tygfabriken) is what I’ll be using along with the small frog.