All colours were so beautiful but the blue, purple and pink look so great together!

This year I embraced Thanksgiving as it’s our first year here in the US. This meant making a very large turkey whilst some of our friends came over for lots and lots of food. This also meant that I bought yarn in the sales!

I really dislike walking around shops, especially when there are lots of other people around, so I saw the sale on’s website and made a bargain online instead!
I have been browsing their different yarn lines online for a couple of months and was very happy when I noticed that they had sale on normal supplies and especially the yarn I’ve been thinking about for a while. All of a sudden, I had added so much yarn to my basket and couldn’t for the life of me decide which one I didn’t want. So I bought it all.

All the yarn that arrived had amazingly beautiful colours and was incredibly soft – now I just have to think about which project to start first!

So I’m sure you have not failed to notice that Christmas is on its way. Last Friday (the 13th) it was Lucia which we always celebrate by inviting  non-Swedes over to our house and plying them with vast quantities of alcohol and nibbles.
This also kick-starts the Christmas celebrations and is usually when I start to prepare for what to bake and eat over the holidays.

So far I have made the gingerbread house above, saffron buns, gingerbread biscuits (the usual when it comes to Lucia celebrations), mince ‘pie’ baklava (English tradition-ish). The celebrations where made slightly more challenging this year as one of my new friends is vegan and I can’t handle wheat. Que to a lot of test baking and realising that the spelt flour I found in Whole foods doesn’t behave at all like the one from Dove’s in England. Sigh.

I made lots and lots of mince pie filling. Still managed to use it all!

It of course worked out just great and everyone was happy at the Lucia evening and we had left-overs for the next week – win win!

This evening I made some quick Christmas baubles for our tree as we only have two ornaments so far. I created them out of our huge vat of plastic beads purchased from Ikea and they fuse together once ironed on. Once they were melted together, I hung them up with some thread from my sewing machine.

They match the rest of our art around the apartment!

My husband’s been working many late nights coding lately and are eating his dinners more and more in the office. His text that let me know he wouldn’t be home for dinner last night was a relief as I was ridiculously tired after a two hour(!) food shop where I bought everything I think we might need for the next coming weeks of baking. I certainly did not feel in the mood for cooking.

So what did I do for dinner? A small selection of mini pizzas for myself!

I had some corn tortillas left in the fridge from God-knows-when and since I like variation when eating (most times when eating out, I just order several appetisers) I made three different flavours!

This one is goat’s cheese, caramelised red onion, mushrooms and rocket (arugula) with a balsamic glaze. Oh so delicious!

This one is a simple ‘pepperoni’ pizza with tomato sauce, sliced garlic, mature (sharp) cheddar & mozzarella and salami. Looove garlic!

And the final one had a pesto base with some garlic marinated mushrooms, mozzarella & cheddar again, as well as some sliced tomatoes. Absolutely divine!

You see, when there are so many nice combinations of toppings on a pizza – how can one chose? I love being able to have as many tastes as possible and so making them smaller makes it even better!

I’ve been feeling poorly now for the past week and this weekend was particularly bad – I ended up laying in bed most of Saturday. Bleugh.

Today I woke up early (I started sneezing) but went back to bed with my Food Network magazines after breakfast to go through the last ones. Our apartment is also good at keeping cool (great in the summer) but when it’s warm outside, the heating is turned off which makes it feel colder in the house. Snuggling up underneath the duvet for a while made me feel slightly better.

After tearing out some interesting pages of recipes, I found one for banana pancakes which sounded very good for a quick snack. I mashed up one ripe banana, mixed it thoroughly with 1 tbs of smooth peanut butter before whisking it together with an egg. I then grated up some nutmeg and added to the batter, together with some ground cinnamon. The pancakes ended up with a slight sweetness and a hint of banana. I’m sure my husband (who hates peanut butter) would be able to taste the peanut butter, but I couldn’t really tell.

I think they would be great with some berries and some greek yoghurt – but unfortunately we don’t have that much in the fridge today. My two missions for the day is for one load of washing to be done as well as going for a walk to the grocery store. I’m mustering up the strength now for the walk with some pancakes!


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